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We believe that the art you collect matters and that independent art is valuable. We’re building a future where creators can flourish by selling their art directly to collectors. For artists, photographers, filmmakers and designers.

A gallery business in minutes

We make setting up an online gallery simple. Start your LettsArt at breakfast; start bringing in sales by lunchtime. Physical and digital art - NFT's included.

Creators keep 90% of the revenue from art sales net of credit card fees. Setting up a gallery and using our software is free. New editions for galleries and art dealers, plus museums and private collections.

Choose the plan that's right for you

All subscriptions provide

Create the most simple, yet powerful online gallery
Designed to show, sell and promote your art
Organise your art into collections and series
Full online art selling, both physical and digital art
Price art in your currency and get paid direct to your bank account
Manage your collectors and communicate directly online
Post updates and newsletters to your followers and collectors
A permanent online catalogue of your art
Easily create and sell your NFT art
No technical skills required
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Why great artists are using LettsArt

A new model for creators

The artist gallery model rewards you for making great art you believe in. Don't play by the old rules of the art market.
Simple but powerful galleries

Spend your energy focused on your art. LettsArt will take care of everything else.
Build your own list of collectors

LettsArt gives you the tools to turn followers into fans and fans into collectors.
"Creators keep 90% of the proceeds from the art sold at their LettsArt gallery while collectors enjoy better prices and the pleasure of buying art direct from the artist's studio. Changing the rules of the art market!"
“Finally an online platform by artists, for artists. It's exciting!”
- Robert Marshall MRSS, Conceptual 3D Artist.

For the soon-to-be discovered and
the already-well-known.

LettsArt's simple product, business model, and creator-friendly terms will trigger an explosion of new creative work.

A selection of featured art available at select LettsArt galleries

Join the new movement for artists and collectors.

“LettsArt changed the way I manage my art sales.”
- Chris Speyer, Environmental Artist
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LettsArt is the home for great art.
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