Switching to LettsArt

LettsArt is the simplest way to sell your art online, and the best place to show it.

"We believe that LettsArt is the simplest and most effective way for creators to show, sell and enjoy great art. You can setup your gallery before breakfast and start selling art by lunchtime. It's easy and fun to use - available on any device, with NFT's included. Designed by artists for artists."

Philip Letts, Founder LettsArt

Switching takes less than 5 minutes.

Switching to LettsArt is easy. Simply sign up and get going. You can setup your gallery in minutes and import your mailing list from Mailchimp, WordPress, TinyLetter, Ghost and more. Using LettsArt is free. We just take a commission on art sold through our platform - so we are completely aligned.

True independence.

Own all your IP. Own your collector list. Build a community. Keep 90% of the revenue from your art sales.

Art sales made simple.

Choose which art you display just to show and which is art is available for sale. Register for our secure payment system so you get paid right away direct to your bank account. Zero tech knowledge required. We take care of everything except the hard part (the art itself).

Switch to LettsArt now.

It takes 5 minutes to setup your gallery, payment system, mailing list, and posts.

LettsArt is the home for great art.
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