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Frequently asked questions

What is the LettsArt Platform?

The Letts Art Platform is an innovative new platform for creators and collectors. It helps creators to make money by selling their art directly to collectors - both physical and digital art. Any creator can set up a simple, yet powerful online gallery for free - we just take a percentage of art sales.

The LettsArt platform is available on any device. It is a Web 3.0 experience - so no need to download any apps. Just go to lettsart.com and get going.

How much does it cost to use LettsArt?

Registering on LettsArt as a Creator or Collector is free. It is also free for Creators to build their own LettsArt gallery and use our software platform and marketplace to sell their art. We just take a 10% commission on any art that is sold through LettsArt.

What is a Collector?

A Collector is someone who enjoys art and is looking to buy art from Creators on the LettsArt platform. Collectors need to register at LettsArt to buy from our Creators.

Collectors can buy physical or digital art using bank card, credit card or cryptocurrency. Digital art comes with an NFT, signature and series management.

What is a Creator?

A Creator is an artist, sculptor, painter, digital artist, performance artist, video artist, photographer, filmmaker and designer, or anyone who creates art, and wishes to use the LettsArt platform to show their work and sell it directly to collectors.

LettsArt is the home for great art.
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