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10 June 2024
Artist in Focus: Chris Speyer, A Journey Through the Art of Ceramics 

Introduction Chris Speyer is a name that resonates deeply within the world of ceramic arts. Known for his intricate and thoughtful approach to pottery, Chris has crafted a unique style that stands out in the contemporary art scene. His works, primarily made from clay, showcase an exquisite balance of form and function, often drawing on […]

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3 June 2024
From Canvas to Clicks: Transitioning Your Physical Art into Digital Sales - Part 2 of 3

Part two of this series provides artists with detailed insights into setting up and promoting their online galleries using LettsArt’s straightforward tools, ensuring they can confidently manage their digital presence. Utilising LettsArt’s No-Code Platform Creating an online gallery should not be a tech-heavy ordeal. LettsArt simplifies this process with its intuitive, no-code platform that any […]

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27 May 2024
From Canvas to Clicks: Transitioning Your Physical Art into Digital Sales - Part 1 of 3

In this series of three posts, we hope to give you a good understanding of thriving in the digital landscape, the basics of digitising your art and setting a solid foundation for successful online sales. Understanding the Digital Landscape The transition to the digital art market offers a plethora of opportunities for artists. Unlike the […]

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20 May 2024
Artist in Focus: Jem McCluskey - Reflexeye: An Artistic Evolution Beyond Boundaries

Introduction Jem McCluskey, or Reflexeye, is a visual artist who uses cameras to create still and moving images from the ground, and from the air using unmanned aerial systems. Jem started out as an engineering executive with various big consultants and a driver of new approaches in the environmental/transport sector. But Jem felt he wasn’t […]

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6 May 2024
LettsArt Origin Story

Breaking Boundaries: Philip Letts on Revolutionising the Art World with LettsArt In this exclusive interview, Philip Letts, founder of LettsArt, delves into his transformative journey from entrepreneur to artist, and discusses how LettsArt is redefining the art world by empowering artists to independently manage their careers and directly connect with their audiences. Philip, can you […]

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26 April 2024
The 5 Hottest Trends in Visual Art by Country

Visual art is a dynamic field, ever-evolving and rich with cultural diversity. We’re privileged to empower 100s of artists to show, share and sell their artwork, connecting with their global collectors. And as we journey across the globe, we uncover distinct art trends that capture the imagination and reflect the unique perspectives of each region. […]

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22 April 2024
Artist in Focus: Paul Butterworth, A Journey Through Geometric Abstraction

Paul Butterworth is a British geometric abstract artist whose work is characterised by bold colours and captivating geometric shapes. His paintings evoke a sense of joy and optimism, and his passion for the creative process is evident in every piece he creates. Paul's art is not just visually stunning; it also invites viewers to contemplate […]

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15 April 2024
LettsArt Goes All-In on AI to Revolutionise Art Gallery Creation

Calling all artists, galleries, and art enthusiasts! LettsArt, the leading no-code, AI software for professional artists is receiving a huge upgrade with the full launch of AI-generated text across the platform. Here's why this is a big deal: By integrating AI-generated text into our platform, LettsArt is empowering artists and gallerists to engage with audiences […]

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5 April 2024
Beyond the Canvas: LettsArt Embraces the Future of Art with NFTs

The Problem: The art world is slow to adapt to the evolving digital landscape. Many platforms lack the infrastructure to support the sale and management of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). LettsArt Solution: LettsArt embraces the future of art by providing a seamless platform for selling NFT art. Their user-friendly interface allows you to easily mint, list, […]

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22 March 2024
Breaking the Chains: LettsArt Empowers Artists to Sell Directly to Collectors

The Problem: Traditional art galleries often act as middlemen, taking a significant cut from artists' sales. This reduces your income and limits your control over pricing and marketing. LettsArt Solution: LettsArt empowers artists to connect directly with collectors, eliminating the need for intermediaries. This allows you to set your own prices, manage your sales independently, […]

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