Adding Art, Collections and Posts at LettsArt just got a whole lot easier!

As we come to the end of LettsArt's private beta and head to the full public launch in a few weeks, we will be writing a series of posts which highlight all the amazing new features we have released. The private beta has lasted 9 months and a bunch of incredible artists, some well known and some emerging, have fed back on this impressive new gallery system. Mostly they told us that it needed to be powerful, yet really simple to use. So this is what we have done.

First, we want to highlight the new buttons you will have seen appearing at the top of your gallery homepage. Now you can quickly and easily 'Add art...', 'Add collection...' and 'Add post...' by just clicking the relevant button. See screenshot above.

And when you click 'Add art...' now you can also 'feature it' and it will appear, like magic, in a new carousel at the top of your gallery homepage above your 'Collections' (of art). *Only you see the buttons when you are logged into your gallery. The public do not see them.

Tip: make sure to add a tab in your browser for your LettsArt gallery. If not, make sure you remember your LettsArt gallery name. Ours is Your gallery homepage takes you to your 'Dashboard' and shortcuts to all your amazing gallery features.

Even though LettsArt does not formally go into full public beta for another few weeks - from today any artist can sign up. Build your online art gallery and start selling your art directly to your followers and collectors. It's free - just go to and click 'Start your gallery'.

LettsArt is the home for great art.
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