Monetising your art with LettsArt.

LettsArt allows you to easily monetise your art through your social media, followers and contacts without the costs associated with building and maintaining a website, online gallery and communication system yourself. 

Your gallery can act as your main website for your work as an artist or can start as a page you add to your original websites menu so you can easily update artwork, pricing and collections.  

Just remember these three tips to get the best use of LettsArt.

  1. Your bio section is an important part of your page for prospective buyers. Art buyers want to see where you learned your craft, where you've shown your work and what you're work entails.
  2. Your work should be arranged in a way that organizes it somehow for the collector. There are many ways to do that. Use collections to arrange your work by timeline, by theme, or medium. 
  3. Art buyers want to see the media, date and price on each individual work. 

As you use your gallery more we will send you updates to let you know how you can use it more productively and make use of the tools LettsArt provides. Time to sell your art without the hassle.

LettsArt is the home for great art.
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