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Breaking the Chains: LettsArt Empowers Artists to Sell Directly to Collectors

The Problem: Traditional art galleries often act as middlemen, taking a significant cut from artists' sales. This reduces your income and limits your control over pricing and marketing.

LettsArt Solution: LettsArt empowers artists to connect directly with collectors, eliminating the need for intermediaries. This allows you to set your own prices, manage your sales independently, and build meaningful relationships with your audience.


  • Increased Revenue: Keep 90% of your art sales revenue, maximising your financial return.
  • Direct Connection with Collectors: Build relationships with collectors, understand their preferences, and personalise your marketing efforts.
  • Greater Control: Set your own prices and manage your sales process independently.

Hundreds of artists already use LettsArt to take control of their careers and build sustainable success through direct sales.


Got questions? Previous readers of this post have asked the following:

Q: Can I customise the storefront on LettsArt to reflect my unique style and vision?

A: Absolutely! LettsArt offers you the flexibility to customise your storefront with personalised branding, artist bios, and portfolio showcases. Whether you're a minimalist painter or a mixed-media sculptor, you can tailor your LettsArt storefront to accurately represent your artistic identity and connect with the right collectors.

Q: How does LettsArt support artists in marketing and promoting their work to a wider audience?

A: Remember, LettsArt is not a marketplace. You have to promote your artwork through your own channels. LettsArt gives you a no-code, AI software designed to help you easily build your online art gallery. However LettsArt does provide you with promotional tools and resources to showcase your work. From social media integration to email marketing campaigns, LettsArt empowers you to amplify your reach and connect with potential collectors worldwide.

Q: What measures does LettsArt take to ensure artists receive fair compensation for their artwork?

A: At LettsArt, we prioritise fair compensation for artists. We offer transparent pricing structures and competitive commission rates, ensuring that artists receive the majority of the sale proceeds. Additionally, LettsArt advocates for artists' rights and works diligently to combat piracy and unauthorised use of artwork, further protecting artists' financial interests.

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