Artist in Focus: Paul Butterworth, A Journey Through Geometric Abstraction
Paul in his studio

Paul Butterworth is a British geometric abstract artist whose work is characterised by bold colours and captivating geometric shapes. His paintings evoke a sense of joy and optimism, and his passion for the creative process is evident in every piece he creates. Paul's art is not just visually stunning; it also invites viewers to contemplate the world around them in new and unexpected ways.

So we were delighted to catch up with Paul and chat about his artistic journey. Born in Surrey and brought up in Yorkshire, Paul is the son of a Vicar and a drama teacher. His artistic universe was born by the colours and forms in nature. “As a five year old I used to go off into the woods on my own and just come back for meals. As well as making up imaginary worlds I always loved looking at the colours and patterns. And as a teenager I was an avid fly fisher but it was the colours on the water and the
brightly coloured flies as much as the fishing that enthralled me.”

Paul has spent most of his career as a TV and film actor, and only became a professional artist fairly recently. However it's clear that Paul is a skilled colourist with a keen eye for composition. His use of geometric shapes suggests an interest in order and structure, while his vibrant colour palette speaks to a love of life and energy.

“My inspiration comes from three urges : the urge to create, the urge to connect and the joy of colour.” Or put more simply “I'm just a Yorkshireman who's mad about colour.” Paul’s other hat is as a professional actor. He went to the Central School of Speech and Drama school at 18 and has been a film/TV actor since 1979. He played Barry in the Full Monty film. “All the work and back story are forgotten in front of the camera and I’m creating. I’m not copying anything and I’m not thinking about anything. I am just in the moment.”

And this focus on living in the moment clearly crosses over into his art. “I don’t plan anything but equally I’m not improvising, I’m creating. In acting, improvisation involves both spontaneity and thinking. You have to think because you have to ‘achieve’ an
outcome. It's a little like having a loose plan or following a sketch in art. However, when I’m acting or painting I don’t have any plans. The difference is that in acting creation is instant while in painting the same process is spread out over about 40 hours.”

Paul is clearly on to a winner with his approach, and just won ”Best In Show for Abstracts” at the Greenwich Art Investment Awards. Paul's collection on LettsArt is a treasure trove of captivating geometric abstractions. As well as compositions on canvas, Paul also offers NFTs. To see more visit his LettsArt gallery: You can also follow him on Instagram (@paulbutterworthart) to stay up-to-date on his latest exhibitions and projects.

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