The 5 Hottest Trends in Visual Art by Country

Visual art is a dynamic field, ever-evolving and rich with cultural diversity. We’re privileged to empower 100s of artists to show, share and sell their artwork, connecting with their global collectors. And as we journey across the globe, we uncover distinct art trends that capture the imagination and reflect the unique perspectives of each region. Here, we explore five of the hottest trends in visual art today, each originating from a different country.

1. Japan: Neo-Tokyo Aesthetics

Japan's vibrant pop culture continues to influence its art scene with the Neo-Tokyo aesthetic. This trend combines traditional Japanese elements with futuristic concepts inspired by anime and manga. Artists create vivid, hyper-real artworks that portray bustling cityscapes and serene landscapes transformed by a techno-oriental vision.

2. France: Modern Abstract Expressionism

In France, a revival of abstract expressionism is capturing the hearts of the art community. French artists are pushing the boundaries with bold, improvisational techniques that emphasise spontaneous, intense colour application. This trend speaks to a deeper narrative on human emotions and the abstract nature of contemporary life.

3. Brazil: Vibrant Street Art Revival

Brazilian artists are transforming public spaces into canvases for social expression and cultural storytelling. This renewed interest in street art showcases bright colours and large-scale murals that often address social issues, celebrating Brazil's diverse heritage and vibrant urban life.

4. South Africa: Afrofuturism

South Africa's art scene is embracing Afrofuturism, blending African cultural motifs with futuristic themes. This trend reflects a growing movement among African artists to envision future narratives through a distinctly African lens, utilising digital media, installations, and traditional art forms.

5. USA: Digital Art and NFT Boom

The USA continues to lead in digital innovations, and this is evident in its latest trend—digital art tied to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Artists are leveraging blockchain technology to create and sell unique digital artworks, which has revolutionised how art is valued and traded in the digital space.

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