LettsArt Origin Story

Breaking Boundaries: Philip Letts on Revolutionising the Art World with LettsArt

In this exclusive interview, Philip Letts, founder of LettsArt, delves into his transformative journey from entrepreneur to artist, and discusses how LettsArt is redefining the art world by empowering artists to independently manage their careers and directly connect with their audiences.

Philip, can you share with us the journey that led to the creation of LettsArt?

Absolutely. Growing up, art was a big part of my life, thanks to my mother, a renowned art historian and exhibition curator. Despite this, I always felt somewhat out of place in the art world, considering myself an entrepreneur first and an artist second. It was surprising when my own art, starting with large format abstract photography and evolving into mixed media and 3D, began to gain attention. This shift from business to art wasn't planned; art was supposed to be just a hobby. But it quickly grew into something much more significant.

What challenges in the art world influenced you to start LettsArt?

As I delved deeper into my artistic side, I began to see the restrictive nature of the traditional art world, often choked by gatekeepers and rigid rules. I envisioned a platform where artists could have more control over their careers. The idea was to use the internet, a tool meant to democratise access, to help artists break free from these constraints.

How does LettsArt change the game for artists?

LettsArt is designed to empower artists. It's no-code, AI software designed for artists, not techies. It allows them to launch their own online galleries and benefit directly from their work by reaching out to their collectors and a broader audience through social media. The goal is for artists to spend more time creating in their studios and less time worrying about website building or indeed their financial stability. Essentially, it's about giving artists the tools and support to thrive on their own terms, much like what my mother did for artists in her time.

What can artists and art lovers expect when they use LettsArt?

They can expect a platform that not only supports diverse forms of art but also supports artists in managing their careers independently. At LettsArt, we provide no-code, AI software and mechanisms for artists to flourish. Personally, I've reserved some of my artworks to be available exclusively at my LettsArt gallery, hoping to share something unique with my collectors.

What are you most excited about?

It may sound counter-intuitive in the art world, but I’m excited about the role AI is playing  in LettsArt. In April we released  new AI functionality that reduces the burden on artists related to administrative functions (like describing artwork, and generating searchable tags), allowing them to spend more time creating. And, this is just the beginning, we have even more AI capabilities planned for the future!

How can people connect with LettsArt and follow its developments?

Everyone is welcome to sign up at LettsArt.com. It's free to join! They can also follow my personal gallery at philip.lettsart.com and engage with us. We're excited to connect with artists and art lovers alike and look forward to continue building a thriving business where art is accessible and artists are empowered.

LettsArt is a powerful tool for artists of all styles to show, share and sell their art online. Perfect for artists with zero tech skills, our no-code, AI software lets you take control of your online presence and build sustainable success through direct sales.


LettsArt is the home for great art.
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