Artist in Focus: Chris Speyer, A Journey Through the Art of Ceramics 


Chris Speyer is a name that resonates deeply within the world of ceramic arts. Known for his intricate and thoughtful approach to pottery, Chris has crafted a unique style that stands out in the contemporary art scene. His works, primarily made from clay, showcase an exquisite balance of form and function, often drawing on natural and abstract influences. His style combines traditional techniques with modern artistic expressions, making his pieces profoundly engaging and visually striking.

Artistic Journey

Chris’ journey into the world of ceramics is as rich and textured as his creations. His original training was in Stage Design at the National Institute of Dramatic Art, NSW University, Sydney. He moved to the UK in 1973 and while he continued to freelance as a playwright, theatre director and designer, began to play with clay. Eventually he built a workshop at the end of his garden and, in 1985, together with Katherine, founded Yerja Ceramics and Textiles.

With a career spanning several decades, Chris has developed his craft through persistent exploration and a deep connection to his materials. His inspiration stems from a blend of historical pottery practices and the natural world, which is vividly reflected in his work. Each piece tells a story, whether it’s a whisper of ancient traditions or a shout of modern boldness.

A turning point came with his discovery of the American sculptor Martin Puryear, the extraordinary eloquence of whose pieces arises in no small part from the exquisite craft with which they are created. In Martin’s work the division between craft and art vanishes, and Chris’ exposure to it gave him a new freedom – he could be a craftsperson and make sculpture, he could be a sculptor and make craft. His creative process involves a meditative engagement with clay, allowing the material to 'speak' and take shape under his skilled hands, often leading to unexpected and mesmerising results. His interest now is in creating small and large-scale sculptural work and in exploring the use of clay in performance.

Featured Artwork

Among the varied collection of Chris’ work showcased on LettsArt, a few pieces stand particularly prominent. One notable creation is the "Husk," a stunning white stoneware vessel with fine crater glaze exterior and smooth white glaze interior. The sculpture presents an evocative interpretation of organic forms, possibly inspired by the husk of a seed or a fragmenting cocoon, rendered in a subdued yet compelling palette of greys contrasted by rich golden seams.

Another remarkable piece is "Wind Form II", part of a series of ceramics that explore interruptions to the surface. Its abstract and organic nature evokes a sense of both growth and decay, making it a compelling expression of the natural world's imperfections and beauty.

Elsewhere, Chris continues to pioneer art in public spaces. He spent most of last year in the Devon town of Cullompton creating five public art pieces for the high street as part of the High Street Action Zone programme funded by Historic England.

One work, “Haiku”, was commissioned to be displayed in the library courtyard. To reflect its link to the library, Chris created a ceramic design suggesting book spines, made of unglazed stoneware stained with oxides. Local adults were then invited to a day of haiku writing and clay modelling. The day started with a walk along the town’s mill leat for inspiration, followed by a haiku discussion, writing, and modelling sessions where participants created poems and clay ‘sprig’ decorations. The poems were then stamped into the spines, and sprig decorations of leaves, birds, insects, and water separated the lines. A perfect example of art and community in unison!

Connect with the Artist

Chris’ works are a testament to the profound impact that dedication and passion can have on art. For those intrigued by his artistic vision and masterful creations, a visit to his gallery on LettsArt ( allows you to explore a wide array of his works, each crafted with a story and a soul.

Join the journey, and be inspired by the art and craft of Chris Speyer, a true ceramic visionary.

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