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LettsArt vs. Traditional Art Exhibitions: A New Era for Artists

The Traditional Art Exhibition Experience

Visiting the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition is always a truly inspiring experience. This prestigious event showcases a diverse array of talent, bringing together both emerging and established artists. Walking through the grand halls, you’re hit with a wave of creativity, and the Summer Exhibition serves as an incredible platform for artists to gain visibility and connect with art enthusiasts and collectors. However, while it's great for initial exposure, how do artists build long-term career sustainability? What happens next?

The LettsArt Advantage

Enter LettsArt, revolutionary software designed to empower artists to showcase, share, and thrive independently. LettsArt is no-code, AI software that supports artists from setup to sale, enabling them to manage their online galleries, connect with a global audience, and make money from their creations directly. It handles all the business aspects—sales, marketing, IT, and finance—allowing artists to focus on creating. And even better, it's free!

Empowerment and Independence: LettsArt puts control back in the artist’s hands. It lets artists create stunning online galleries, connect and communicate with collectors, and earn money directly from their art, bypassing the need for middlemen or traditional gallery constraints.

Innovation and Simplicity: Artists want to focus on art, not admin and IT. LettsArt integrates all necessary business functions, from sales and marketing to IT and finance, so artists can concentrate on their creativity.

More Money in Your Pocket: Traditional galleries take significant cuts from art sales and don’t offer royalties on future resales. LettsArt ensures artists keep at least 87.5% of every sale and receive royalties from resales of NFT artworks, maximising earnings.

Control and Provenance: In the age of GenAI, protecting art from reproduction and fakery is crucial. LettsArt's innovative software simplifies control over distribution and managing authenticity of artwork.


While the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition undoubtedly  remains a prestigious and valuable opportunity for artists, it is not a sustainable solution for building a long-term art business. LettsArt offers a modern, innovative approach that empowers artists to take control of their careers, reach a global audience, and achieve financial independence. By embracing LettsArt, artists can transform their talents  into a thriving, sustainable business, enjoying continuous exposure, direct sales, and community engagement.

Discover how LettsArt can revolutionise an art career. Join LettsArt today and start building a sustainable future for your art. Sign up today.

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