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The Rise of the Gen Z Artist: Embracing Digital Channels

As the newest generation of artists emerges, it is Generation Z that is redefining the art world with their innovative use of digital channels to show, share, and sell their work. This tech-savvy cohort, born between 1997 and 2012, leverages the power of social media, the internet, and digital art forms to make a significant impact.

Why Gen Z Artists Are Different

  1. Digital Natives : Gen Z artists have grown up with technology, making them adept at using digital tools to create and share art. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are their playgrounds, where they showcase their work to a global audience instantly.
  2. Community-Driven : This generation values community and collaboration. They often engage with their followers through live streams, Q&A sessions, and collaborative projects, building a loyal and interactive fan base.
  3. Innovative Monetisation : Gen Z artists are pioneers in monetising their art through digital means. They use NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), direct sales websites, and crowdfunding platforms to sell their work and fund their projects, bypassing traditional gatekeepers.

The opportunity to blend art and technology is setting the new standard, with many artists already enjoying great success. XCOPY's distinctive style and use of blockchain technology has made him a prominent figure in the NFT community. His piece "Death Dip" sold for $1.8 million, highlighting the growing value and popularity of his work​.

And at just 21, FEWOCiOUS has already made a significant impact in the digital art world, earning him an estimated $20 million+. Famously in 2021, an auction of some of his art caused the Christie’s website to crash due to high demand. The auction was called off and rescheduled for two days later. Testimony to the fact that his vibrant, emotive pieces have found a massive audience online, and his use of NFTs has set new standards for young artists.

Finally, the line between tech and art definitely gets blurred with artists like Matt Deslauriers, a Canadian-born artist living in London, most well known for his generative art projects Subscapes and Meridian, both of which were originally released on the Art Blocks platform. With his total artwork valued at over $30 million, he also runs a practice focused on code, software, and generative processes!

LettsArt: Perfect for Gen Z Artists

LettsArt is uniquely suited to support Gen Z artists in their digital endeavours:

  1. Seamless Online Galleries : LettsArt allows artists to easily create and manage their online galleries, providing a professional platform to display their art to a global audience as well as share their art to leading online marketplaces. LettsArt is no-code, AI software which means there’s no need for technical expertise.
  2. Direct Sales and Payments : With LettsArt, artists can set their prices, run promotions, and receive payments directly. Plus they get a cut of the resales of any NFT artworks. This transparency and control are perfect for Gen Z artists who prefer direct interaction with their buyers.
  3. Community and Engagement Tools : LettsArt integrates social media and email marketing tools, enabling artists to keep their followers engaged and informed about new releases, collections, and promotional events.

Be Part of the Digital Art Revolution!

Gen Z artists are reshaping the art landscape with their embracing of digital channels. LettsArt provides the perfect platform for these innovative creators, offering tools and features that align with their needs and preferences. As more Gen Z artists enter the scene, the art world can expect to see even more dynamic and exciting developments. Many are already using LettsArt to show, share and sell their art. Why not join them?

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