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10 LettsArt Sales & Marketing Tips (and one bonus!)

To help you get the most out of your LettsArt experience, we've compiled a round-up of 10 concise tips which we recently shared on our Instagram. Designed to elevate your profile and engage your audience more effectively, these tips cover the essential aspects of using LettsArt to its fullest potential. And as a special bonus, we've added an extra tip at the end to give you an even greater edge! 

Dive in and discover how you can transform your LettsArt journey and boost your sales and marketing efforts!

1. Optimise Your Profile  

Use a clear and appealing profile picture and fill your bio with interesting details about your art journey.

2. Create Engaging Content

Regularly update your gallery with high-quality images of your work and include interesting stories or inspirations behind each piece (Hint : our AI can help you with descriptions and tags!)

3. Leverage Social Media

Share your LettsArt profile and artworks on social media platforms with relevant hashtags to reach a broader audience. Follow other artists, gallerists and collectors. Comment on their posts. It’s all about engagement!

4. Engage with the Community

Actively participate in community discussions and collaborations to build relationships and gain visibility, using your LettsArt URL as a way to encourage those communities to view your work.

5. Offer Limited Editions and Promotions 💸

Create limited edition prints or offer promotional discounts during special events or holidays to attract buyers. Share these promos on social media and in community groups. Manage sales with LettsArt.

6. Provide detailed descriptions 🎨

For each piece of art, include a detailed description that covers the inspiration, the materials used, and the story behind the artwork. (⚡️Hint : our embedded AI takes the pain out of what can be a laborious task. It will analyse your artwork and write a description to get you started!

7. Develop an Email Newsletter ✉️

Start an email newsletter to share updates about new artworks, upcoming exhibitions, and exclusive offers with your subscribers. This keeps your audience engaged and informed directly through their inboxes.

8. Stay fresh 🫧

Keep your online gallery fresh and interesting by regularly adding new artworks and rotating older pieces.

9. Utilise Customer Reviews. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Encourage collectors to leave reviews and share photos of the artwork in their feeds or spaces, which helps build trust with potential customers. We do!

10. Share behind-the-scenes content 🤫

Show the creation process of your artworks, including failures and successes, to build a more personal connection with your audience.

BONUS tip! 🥳

11. Upload 5 or more artworks. Your collectors and followers will want to see your style and approach expressed comprehensively. You can’t do this in a handful of artworks. So make sure you present at least 5 artworks in your gallery - you convey so much more about you and your art.

Post image: “Relational Diversity” by Barnaby Wills:

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