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Frequently asked questions

How can I sign-up for LettsArt?

Simply go to https://www.lettsart.com/start/ to sign up. Its free!

What are the "advanced editions" mentioned on the website?

LettsArt offers paid subscriptions with additional features aimed at gallerists, art dealers, museums, and private collections. These features include managing multiple artists, custom branding, advanced analytics, and white-labeling options.

Does LettsArt offer customer support?

Yes, LettsArt provides customer support for both artists and collectors through email and a contact form on our website.

How does LettsArt ensure the authenticity of the artwork?

LettsArt relies on artists to self-certify the authenticity of their work. LettsArt does not currently verify the physical artwork itself.

Does LettsArt offer any marketing or promotion tools?

While LettsArt doesn't offer direct marketing tools, we do encourage artists to promote their galleries on social media and other platforms. We also feature collections and artists from the LettsArt community on our homepage, increasing their visibility.

Can I set my own prices for my artwork?

Yes, you have complete control over setting the price for your artwork on LettsArt.

What is the subscription cost associated with LettsArt?

Using the basic features of LettsArt is free. However, we offer paid "advanced editions" with additional features like managing multiple artists, customized branding, and analytics.

How does selling art on LettsArt work?

LettsArt facilitates the sales process by handling transactions securely. When a collector purchases your artwork, the platform processes the payment and deposits the funds into your bank account, minus fees. All you need at your end is an account with Stripe, the leading global payments provider.

What types of art can be showcased on LettsArt?

You can showcase various art forms (with more to come!), including:

  • Paintings
  • Photographs
  • Sculptures (through photos or 3D scans)
  • Films and videos
  • Design work
What are the benefits of using LettsArt?

LettsArt offers many benefits, including:

  • Free and easy to use: Setting up a gallery and using the basic features is free.
  • Sell physical and digital art: You can sell both traditional artwork and NFTs on the platform.
  • Keep most of the profits: Creator accounts receive 87.5%, and Creator Plus 93%, of the revenue from art sales (minus credit card fees).
  • Mobile-friendly platform: Manage your gallery and post updates from your phone.
  • Social media integration: Easily share your art on various social media channels.
Is LettsArt a marketplace?

No, think of it like a set of powerful web tools built specifically for artists. We provide you with everything you need to build an online gallery and easily show, share and sell your art online better than, say, a generic website builder. You do join a community of artists, but it's for you to use LettsArt to showcase your art to your collectors. LettsArt does not bring you more collectors or buyers.

Who is LettsArt designed for?

LettsArt is designed for professional artists, photographers, filmmakers, and designers to showcase and sell their work online. LettsArt can actually be used by anyone, but is best suited for creators who make more than 50% of their income from selling their work.

LettsArt is the home for great art.
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